Active holidays

4.2.2008 11:36:00

Active holidaysThe Czech Republic is an ideal country for active holiday, where you can relax as well as improve your physical condition. In case you decide for relaxation, you have a choice of various wellness offers. Lovers of “adrenaline” sports will be pleased by wide possibilities of bungee jumping. Thanks to the beautiful and colourful nature there are ideal conditions for tourism. It can be realised in the mountains, which surround our country, but also in the romantic valleys of our rivers. Many routes follow the borders of the republic and link up with the tourist or cyclist routes of the neighbouring countries. The ones, who are not found of long walking tours, can have a walk in the forest, combined for example with picking mushrooms. Mountain climbers can have a good time in the sand stone rocks, followers of winter sports in the mountains. Golf lovers do not come off badly as well. They have seven 8.hole fields at their disposal. Horse riders can combine their hobby with a stay in one of the farms.

There are many water areas in various places in the Czech Republic, suitable for relaxation as well as the whole range of sports. At the calm lakes fishermen spend moments of calm. Several water dams offer good possibilities of bathing, swimming, water skiing or windsurfing. In the Czech Republic it is very popular to run down the river. There also are more and more attractive offers of flying clubs. The clients can select from rogalo flying, sight seeing flights in balloons, sport airplanes or parachuting.

Domestic as well as foreign tourists have a wide range of classic accommodation establishments at their disposal. Large choice of campsites enables a longer stay in the countryside.

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