Holidays for young people

13.3.2008 12:25:00

Holidays for young peopleStudent life is wonderful, yet equally filled with the necessities of study, tests, exams… After a well-completed semester, there is nothing better than a well-deserved break. So why not take this chance to hold your break time in the Czech Republic?

Nightlife is an inseparable part of student life. Lying as it does at the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic offers dozens of highly diverse venues presenting concerts in the widest palette of styles imaginable. Whatever plan may strike your fancy as to how to spend the night, there will always be some place in the Czech Republic where an event is being held to match your wishes.

The Czech Republic offers an ever-growing list of possibilities for fans of extreme sports.

In recent years in particular, there has been a boom in open-air festivals, dozens of which are held in the summer across the Czech Republic. Outdoor podiums play host to hundreds of Czech and international musicians in all genres.

Thousands and thousands of kilometres of hiking and cycling trails await. Put on your boots or mount your bikes for a unique view of central Europe’s most beautiful landscapes!

You will certainly be pleased to hear that many student discounts are available in the Czech Republic. Practically all attractions, whether museums, galleries, castles or palaces offer students discounted admissions costs, with savings of up to 50 %. All that you need is to show a valid ISIC card...
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