Sport centrum Brandýs nad Labem

Name: Sport centrum Brandýs nad Labem
Address: Kostelecká 1776
City: Brandýs nad Labem
Postcode: 250 01
Telephone: +420 326 904 400-2

An ideal place for training and relaxation situated in the resting part of the town of Brandýs nad Labem. You will experience pleasant time in beautiful surroundings. You are welcome in The Sport Centre of Brandýs nad Labem. Accomodation in 40 rooms (including 3 appartments in composition study + bedroom in luxurious performance for especially exacting visitors). The room has its own shower and toilet, further the room is equiped with a refrigerator, TV and satellite, radio. For especially tall visitors some rooms are performed with beds 2,3 metres long. Possibility for touristic accomodation in single-, double- and more-beds rooms, touristic accommodating has its own terrace.
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